Powering Digital Transformation Should Consider the Environment

Dec 6, 2022 | Sustainability

This advanced technology has changed the look of the world. Everybody depends on this technology, from a business home to a massive company. But powering digital transformation should consider the Environment.

All Aspects of Human Life and Its Impact

In recent years all aspects of human life have been affected due to digital transformation. It involves not only the human elements but also the Environment or surroundings in which humans live. If we see it long term, it’s not beneficial for men as it would have adverse effects on the Environment in the upcoming years.

If the Environment worsens due to this digital data transformation, there will be no useful life on Earth. So there must be a proper solution to solve it. We can apply strategic procedures or processes to this problem.

Powering Digital Transformation Advantages

Nowadays, it looks normal, and everyone is behind this digital transformation to have maximum profit in their business, but nobody is thinking about the danger of tomorrow. The essential thing they need to improve while making the digital transformation is this impact on the environmental system ability sector.

There will be positive effects, but adverse effects will increase as the digital transformation will let you have an Environment. Powering digital transformation is essential, but at the same time, environmental consideration is also critical.

Things that must be under control

When the team started recognizing that digital transformation would harm the Environment, they made a strategy to control it. By the strategy’s introduction, three things were soon under control. These include:

  1. Sustainable resource management
  2. Waste management and handling
  3. Prevention from pollution and its control

A Hot Topic for Researchers

Since a few years back, this digital transformation has been a hot topic for many researchers. They are working on the profound changes occurring in industries, organizations, and society along with initiatives. Researchers have gone through several conditions and changes they tested in the Environment.

They also highlighted or went through the digital technology that is in use in this digital transformation and how human life gets worse by it. This research includes both positive and negative points regarding Powering digital transformation.

IT Plays a Key Role

Now talking about some of the digital technology that has played a crucial role in digital transformation and has an impact on human life in different areas. These include:

  1. Big Data Analytics
  2. The internet of things artificial intelligence
  3. None other than blockchain etc.

Digital transformation is complicated with time. It’s too beneficial to Humanity for environmental sustainability if it’s not controlled.

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Factors for Knowing the Sustainability

When we talk about environmental sustainability, we are not only considering the green Environment. There are many other factors for consideration. Greenhouse gases, the use of renewable energy and Energy efficiency, the maintenance of biodiversity, water pollution including air pollution waste, management mitigation, and protection of other natural resources are the things that come under environmental system ability.

Lack of functioning in any of these will not result in complete environmental sustainability.

A method to the madness is seen to be there by Digital technologies. With the advancement in powering digital transformation, everything is now done by the systems. So, the risk of human error has been reduced because everything is to be done by the systems.

Proper Assistant is there.

Before this, they were there needed to be a proper surety of data purity due to human error, about 70%. Today, everything is done by the system, so there is no risk of errors. Critical assistance is there for all companies, especially the data centers, through Digital transformation technology to improve their progress.

But the point of lack is that companies or businesses need to know to use these technologies without affecting the Environment.

Complex Relation between Digital transformation and the Environment

Undoubtedly, having digital transformation is more than having a dream come true. It’s compulsory to see its adverse effects also. Environment plays a crucial role in our survival. A healthy environment means good health. But if this affects the Environment, what would impact our health?

The business models are badly disturbed due to the invention of digital technologies on a large scale. Digital data transformation benefits many businesses’ success but also significant risks to our Environment. We have many new possibilities by using Powering digital transformation, such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions, enabling a circular economy to develop more, tracking and measuring the sustainability of the progress, and optimizing the resource’s use.

If we see deep inside, a very close and interlinked connection will appear between the digital transformation and the Environment. This relationship is like a give-and-take example. It means a change in any of these two will affect the overall relationship, which is not good.

Suppose the powering digital transformation process causes too much environmental pollution. This environmental pollution will directly affect humans living in that particular Environment. And if humans will not be there, what will be the purpose of these digital tools? This is how these both are interlinked. This is why work should be done on controlling pollution due to digital transformation. The more we manage this, the more we will be the best to survive.

Bright future of Humanity

There is an improvement at the end of Humanity. Or we can say it developed due to digital transformation. This has brought a lot many new possibilities. The use of digital technology has accelerated in the present world as everybody is not dependent on technology.

As you can see, everybody has electronics, whether a telephone or a personal system. But nobody is saying the effects or issues created on the Environment due to thisPowering digital transformation. For instance, using AI to know, analyze, and monitor the road is significant.

The Use of AI power technology

The stakeholders can use this AI power technology to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This reduction goes by AI-powered technology is unsuitable for the Environment, similar to other digital technology. Similarly, adverse effects can be made on the Environment using digital tools that data performance requires.

We don’t have to go for taking the example of your smartphone, which you use daily. These smartphones release harmful radiation because their production is under environmentally harmful conditions. And after a few years, E-waste that is toxic waste will be produced by its usage and transformation.

How is Digital Transformation Beneficial?

Recent research shows that digital transformation plays a significant role in reducing environmental factors. These are as follows:

  • Carbon dioxide emissions by at least 20%;
  • The use of natural resources in products by 90%;
  • Waste and detoxifying supply chains by a factor of 10-100X.

Digital transformation functions for the sustainability of our globe but also in terms of the materialistic sector. If 50 million tons of electronic waste is recycled annually, about 20% of this is recycled. The extraction of precious metals is increasing due to digital data transformation.

Today’s World Climate

If we see the world climate today, there is too much distortion or disturbance along with environmental factors. There are too many problems in the world, such as

  • the loss of renewable natural resources,
  • the overconsumption of nonrenewable natural resources,
  • the lack of biodiversity,
  • and many natural disasters, due to which many parts of the planet are now habitable.

All this disturbance in the Environment and climate is due to human errors. So it’s the responsibility of humans to take essential steps to secure the domain in which they are surviving. The data centers must take action before the problem exceeds. Otherwise, it would put human life at risk of being unable to stay on Earth. Different steps are taken to control this situation, and many are in progress.

Importance of the Environment

Human survival is possible just by the Environment surviving; otherwise, it’s impossible. For this purpose, using artificial intelligence AI, many digital technology and tools control the worse environmental conditions. One of these conditions is minimizing carbon emissions.

According to the research, about 200B kWh of energy consumption is of data centers only, along with the emission of 150M metric tons of carbon pollution. Whereas daily-use-based electronics also add their portion to environmental pollution.


About 50 million tons of electronic waste are generated worldwide yearly, increasing rapidly on a large scale. This is how powering digital transformation is a threat to the Environment if we see thoroughly through all this.

The Environment is a significant factor to consider, and it must be addressed. Different steps can be taken while using Powering digital transformation so that no harm can be done to the Environment. The use of digital transformation will let humankind live a technology-based life but free from environmental issues.

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