Building the Best, Smart, and Environmentally Friendly Edge Data Center in Indonesia

Building the Best, Smart, and Environmentally Friendly Edge Data Center in Indonesia

Building the Best, Smart, and Environmentally Friendly Edge Data Center in Indonesia

Data Center Market Will
Always Be Growing

The data center services market was valued at $48.9 billion in 2020. It is speculated that by 2026 this figure will increase to $105.6 billion.

Ongoing Digital Evolution Requires a Better Data Center For All

New technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Connected Smart Devices, Social Media, eCommerce, Smart Cities, and so on will inevitably keep emerging as the world evolves.
With those new technologies, they require data volume, IP Traffic, more storage, and more processing power only a Data Center can aptly provide.
Greenex DC promises to deliver a greener, smarter, and faster data center to fulfill Indonesia’s ever-growing market.

Green Building Applications

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Appropriate Site Development



Water Conservation



Indoor Health & Comfort

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Energy Efficiency & Conservation



Material Resources & Cycle



Building Environment Management

Indonesia’s High Potential Growth for Data Center

Indonesia is the largest country in Southeast Asia with a total population of 275 million, however, our data center capacity per capita is still one of the lowest (<1 watt/ capita) in the world.

Compared with the data center capacity per capita to other Asian countries, which serve the data growth of their own countries, such as Japan. Taking the average watt consumption per capita of 10 watts, Indonesian Data centers are poised to grow up to 2,700 MW.

Indonesia Data Center Potential Growth

The Dream Team

Behind every successful company is a team of driven people that serve the same purpose and passion.

Hendra Suryakusuma

Hendra Suryakusuma is the Chairman of IDPRO (Indonesia Data Center Provider Organization) to encourage the advancement of the world of information and data center technology in Indonesia.

With 12 years of experience in Data center development and also as a data center operator, Mr. Suryakusuma is well-versed in the world of the IT Industry.

He has supervised and managed multiple data centers as well as been responsible for its data center marketing. Mr. Suryakusuma was also the Founder of Elitery, an advanced partner of Amazon Web Service.

Hendra Suryakusuma


The APIC Group was founded by Mr. Harun Sebastian and Mr. Harjono Lie in 2011. Mr. Harun Sebastian has been in the property business since the 1970s with expertise in land banking, real estate development, and property management.

By July 2020, the APIC Group has the following property portfolio:

  • Hospitality: 5 five-star hotels and 1 four-star hotel, with a total of 1,300 hotel rooms.
  • Commercial Office: 3 office towers and 3 office buildings with a total semi-gross area of 180,000 sqm.
  • Residential: 340 super luxury units

Richard Kartawijaya

Richard Kartawijaya has 35 Years of experience in the ICT business and the Technology industry. Mr. Kartawijaya earned his Doctoral Research focusing on FinTech and Financial Inclusion.

He also served 14 years of service lecture at Bina Nusantara University and was also an instructor in Berca. Mr. Kartawijaya was also previously the Country Manager of Microsoft and Motorola. He was also the previous CEO of LinkNet, Graha Teknologi Nusantara, and Ander Cakra Buana.

Richard Kartawijaya
iskandar GreenexDC

Iskandar Sastrowiranu

20+ years of experience in engineering design, tender management, project management and service delivery of data center and other critical facilities, with 18 years as a key team member of Schneider Electric and Emerson Network Power in various roles.

Former Indonesia and East Timor Cluster Head of Data Center Regional Application Center in Schneider Electric with extensive track records in leading notable key projects in the last 9 years.

And formerly, Head of Country Technical Support in Emerson Network Power

Be a part of the change with Greenex DC

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