Jakarta Data Centers are Starting More Greener Than Ever

Jan 22, 2023 | Environment

Jakarta data centers are starting to turn into green data centers. They are taking action to protect the environment.

In the last few years, there has been an increase in environmental awareness, leading to changes that have made data centers more environmentally friendly. Data centers in Jakarta are following suit and making changes as they become more aware of their impact on the world; they’re starting greener than ever.

Jakarta data centers are becoming greener to save the environment

Leading data centers in Indonesia’s capital city, Jakarta, are leading the way in helping to achieve a greener world. By focusing on advancing green technology and business practices, these facilities have begun to make significant progress towards a more environmentally friendly future.

Data centers are explicitly singled out for their high energy consumption and carbon footprint. Green design standards are becoming increasingly important as more businesses look to reduce their environmental impact. This follows hot on the heels of an announcement by the World Bank that they would no longer invest in coal-fired power plants due to concerns over climate change.

The people working at data centers are starting to think about the environment in everything they do. Many data centers have begun using recycled air, which is very helpful for the environment because it’s cheaper and less energy intensive than air conditioning the entire building. Using recycled air also can reduce dust in the building and eliminate smells from other areas or the outside world.

Data center managers are also planning on recycling and reusing equipment and reducing power usage by upgrading their cooling systems. They want to ensure that every part of their business is environmentally friendly and isn’t harming the world, hurting people with pollution, or wasting energy or resources. The fact that data center owners are being thoughtful about how they use energy and try to be good stewards of the planet is an excellent thing for everyone.

How are Jakarta data centers going green?

Jakarta is known for its traffic jams, polluted rivers, and poor air quality. That’s why some of the city’s data centers are striving to be more environmentally friendly with the help of green initiatives. For example, one data center has a partial roof made of solar panels and a system that collects rainwater for non-drinking purposes. Other data centers in the area have implemented similar green practices as well.

Data centers are traditionally resource-intensive operations. They use large amounts of power, consume copious amounts of water, and require a lot of cooling by air conditioning. These factors can lead to high carbon footprints and other negative environmental impacts. We can take some steps to reduce these effects, such as implementing green equipment standards or pursuing additional renewable energy sources.

In most cases, data center operators will do everything they can to prevent downtime because IT infrastructure downtime is costly. That’s why some companies will go above and beyond the expected measures when ensuring their facilities are green—good news for the environment.

There are many ways to create a more energy-efficient data center

Data centers are the lifeblood of all that we do online, and they’re also the most rapidly-growing contributors to the ever-increasing carbon footprint of our world. But data centers are also booming businesses, and they’re beginning to realize that their bottom line is directly affected by how environmentally friendly they can be.

But what exactly makes a data center “green”? 

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question since different companies have different goals, but there are some basic steps that any company can take to better their green cred.

The first step is energy efficiency

less energy used means fewer emissions produced. And for our purposes in Jakarta, we’re not just talking about electricity—we’re also talking about water consumption.

Water consumption is a huge part of operating a data center: cooling systems need to be constantly cooled with water, which means higher consumption when the facility runs at total capacity.

There is also the issue of waste disposal: when you have millions of watts running through thousands of machines, you’re bound to produce some waste products that need to be disposed of properly.

For optimal airflow, we should build a data center with an HVAC system that can heat, cool, and ventilate the space appropriately. It will maximize efficiency by controlling the in-building temperature, increasing overall energy efficiency.

Cooling systems require a lot of energy to function, but there are ways to make this process more efficient. The most effective cooling systems use water to transfer heat away from IT equipment rather than air. These systems also benefit from not requiring additional lighting or climate control.

Cleaner energy sources

As the main goal in all industries, including data centers, reducing carbon emissions by 0% must be achieved in 2050. However, in this transitional period, data centers can use electricity from gas generators to reduce carbon emissions by up to 50%.

After that, all data centers in Jakarta can start using electricity from renewable energy sources for offices, for example, for lights and all electronic devices.

Renewable energy sources can power the entire facility rather than traditional methods like coal. It reduces emissions and decreases the overall cost of electricity needed for operations.

What to remember is that Jakarta data centers must start providing areas for solar panels and battery storage. This requires a large room, for 100 kW involves an area of 500 square meters. We can also combine with wind turbines (vertical wind turbines) to maximize the use of space for renewable energy plants.

Green initiatives make a difference in Jakarta data centers, which are cleaner and run better

A new initiative launched in Jakarta has allowed data centers to become greener than ever. The program, established by the governor of Jakarta, allows participating facilities to be certified as green. Data center operators can register for a Green Data Center Operators certificate.

In addition, they are given access to the city’s green power infrastructure and can buy renewable electricity generated by wind or water. This allows them to reach official carbon neutrality status. This status is only available to data centers that have achieved a 100 percent renewable energy mix. Being carbon neutral means that a company will not emit more greenhouse gas emissions than it absorbs; if they do, it will have to purchase offset credits.

Some data center operators have purchased their renewable energy sources or contracted with an outside provider to achieve this goal. In this way, it will be possible for them to meet the criteria needed for carbon neutrality certification. This certification is a helpful starting point for companies and organizations who want to go green and make changes in their operations for the betterment of our planet and its inhabitants.

Your business can help make Jakarta a better place to live

The region of Jakarta, Indonesia, is a crucial business hub for South-East Asia. It is the perfect place for businesses to establish themselves and start new ventures. The region is home to many office buildings and data centers packed with servers and other IT infrastructure. There are more than 66 data centers spread throughout the region. The good news is that Jakarta’s data centers have become greener.

It means they are using renewable energy sources to power their IT infrastructure. Companies in the data center industry have been working hard to minimize their carbon footprint by becoming greener in their business.

Data centers have already started to use renewable energy sources. Some of these include solar panels, wind turbines, and hydroelectric plants. By using clean energy sources, data centers will not increase their carbon footprint on the environment. Instead, they can work towards reducing it by implementing green practices in their day-to-day operations. Many IT companies have already started making changes to reduce their carbon footprint while maintaining high levels of efficiency and output.

Startups need to start with a green data center

The growth of digital startups in Jakarta is relatively high. Some of the startups that were founded 5 to 10 years ago have become big companies. They rely heavily on cloud infrastructure. However, when they still use data centers sourced from new rock energy, they also contribute to carbon emissions in Jakarta.

Therefore, digital startups in Jakarta must start choosing cloud services that use green data centers in Jakarta. In this way, startups can contribute to improving the environment in Jakarta. Jakarta’s air pollution can be reduced when we all use cleaner energy.

GreenexDC will present a green data center in Jakarta with a capacity of more than 12 megawatts that digital startups in Indonesia can rely on. The Greenex data center can also help digital startup companies in Europe experiencing extreme electricity price increases.

The increasing number of green data centers in Jakarta can improve the quality of life for the people of Jakarta. Both for air and water quality also for the economy.

If your company has decided to begin operating in the cloud, you will need a data center with the right set of resources. You’ll want a location that is close to your clients and employees, one that is reliable and equipped with state-of-the-art technology. This is where green data centers are crucial—they’re designed with every aspect of their environment in mind, from the building materials they use to their electricity sources. After all, it makes sense to ensure you get the most from your investment.

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