Data Center Transformation for Sustainable Development

Oct 29, 2022 | Sustainability

The Sustainability of data centers is becoming the top priority in the world. Thousands of companies have constructed data centers, but they are badly damaged by the massive amount of power facilities using multiple environmental resources. In today’s world, industries are using more power. The data center consumes 1% of the world’s electricity and 0.5% of carbon dioxide emissions.

Data Center Transformation for Sustainable Development

Because of all these, data centers have gained high popularity worldwide and looking for sustainable ways to run their data center successfully. But for data center transformation, we need the cooling system to make it climate-friendly. When we implement the cooling method, they consume 30 to 50% of the total energy.

The fastly green data center made it possible for every country to construct green data centers. They also adopt mobile computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, and edge computing services.

The struggle and effort to deliver services responsibly and sustainably will ultimately not provide an advantage to the data center market but to its customers. Most importantly, it depends on the environment.

Finding the data center industry’s climate change and sustainability issues has become challenging for some sectors. In this era, everyone needs a data center and require abundant space. The COVID-19 worst condition finally transformed manual work into digital infrastructure. Decreasing the environmental impact and energy consumption is not the only solution to running a thriving data center.

For an efficient data center, we also require sustainable development

The data center will play a vital role in society and daily life. Today, we communicate freely through social media platforms, transact on the blockchain with cryptocurrencies, get free online education and quickly find jobs.

Because of this, sustainability and efficiency measures have expanded worldwide in various ways, including the associated tools and the latest IT technologies.

The data center sustainability demand is increasing rapidly and is dependent on cost-effectiveness. Earlier the industries started their technical development years ago. In the 19th century, the factories were powered by steam and engine. In the 20th century, they utilized electricity; after this, they moved towards automation in the 1970s.

After the development of digital technology, it continues its excellent reputation, and now every company uses digital IT technologies. This fantastic data center transformation proved beneficial for many countries.

The key to this transformation lies in using Server Virtualization software that will work with your existing infrastructure requirements, ensuring better resource utilization and less wastage of energy resources.

Industry pressure on data centers

The top famous companies, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, and Google, have invested heavily in data centers. They have become popular and must align with broader sustainable goals. S&P Global surveyed over 800 data center service providers globally in more than 200 countries.

It is dominated by Australia, China, France, Germany, India, the Netherlands, the UK, and the US. It is vital to control the air pressure in the data center for better cooling.

The industries pressure data centers to monitor numerous integral processes. Some of them are listed below.

  • Coolant tanks
  • Fire suppression systems
  • Rooftop air conditioning equipment
  • Mechanical rooms
  • Refrigeration lines
  • Liquid cooling system pumps
  • Backup and standby power systems

Data Center Transformation

The data center transformation is converting the whole system into the IT infrastructure. Its purpose is to improve capability, efficiency, and performance. This process may include several functions related to a data center, like cloud migration, changes in hardware on a large scale, virtualization, and software-defined components.

Traditional data centers do not benefit much from IT technologies or cloud services. Therefore, the data center is transforming into modern technology. They handle remote access, network virtualization, and other cloud computing features.

The various physical hardware components are now replaced by logical components like virtual machines and storage drives. Organizations and businesses use all cloud computing platforms, including public, private or hybrid. They want to accelerate the delivery of applications and multiple IT services.

An Edge Data Centers can improve the mobile application and performance of databases and benefit from the scalability and flexibility of cloud computing.

With the data center transformation, business owners and company CEOs will now be easily accessible with mobile devices to meet their consumers anytime and anywhere. No matter in which corner of the country you are sitting.

The countless software-defined infrastructures have given faster access to resources and work to avoid interruptions, enabling DevOps methodologies and supporting innovation. Other than this, they deliver new IT applications to the market faster.

The transformation of the data center with the latest amazing Platform-as-a-Service and other multiple cloud services, software-defined infrastructure components, virtualizations, microservices, and other technologies are ranking high and becoming the central pillar in businesses to compete in today’s digital economy.

The data center transformation process is an important one for any enterprise. The world is moving towards a more sustainable future, and companies must also become more environmentally friendly.

Part of this process is transforming the data center into sustainable development. There are many ways to do this, so it’s essential to look at what your company needs and how it can be done with minimal environmental impact and without compromising performance.

How is Data Center Transformation helpful?

  • It easily transforms the existing IT infrastructure into shared and virtualized groups of resources that provide centralized control.
  • Reducing the maintenance times and cost as well due to the automation of patching and support of data center services.
  • Improves service availability to the business, thereby increasing the productivity of resources.
  • Utilize multiple methods which will make an organization capable of meeting the current and future needs of managing IT infrastructure with consideration to environmental factors such as power saving and reducing carbon footprints.

Sustainability Improvement

Sustainability in today’s time will still not be a high priority. Only a few companies have understood its importance. The rest of the others are not moving towards sustainability. In 2021, the annual Global data center survey will take notice of the following points. Check out the list:

  • 82% of data center managers track electricity usage, and
  • 70% control the power usage effectiveness,
  • Only one-third monitor their carbon impact.

Every business must navigate its path toward sustainable development in the future. Because in the future, it will become challenging work. Data center operators who already follow the policies of a data center will now also jump toward sustainable development.

In some countries, the construction of data centers is stuck in the future. The reason behind this is the high demand for sustainability. The only reason is that the data center in Singapore will no longer be constructed. When they investigated why the Singapore government knew they hadn’t developed sustainability goals. Therefore, the government is now finding a possible solution and making a strategy to resolve this sustainability issue and the shortage of land.

When this became a major in Singapore, they started the survey by Eco-Business. For this purpose, Asia Pacific’s leading media organization discussed sustainability.

After getting suggestions from other senior members, they decided to build sustainable development enterprises across Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. However, they also revealed that stakeholders’ lack of organization, environmental awareness, and capital obstructs an industry-wide drive to make sustainable data services.

However, the concern of sustainability is considered less important than scalability, reliability, security, cost-effectiveness, and network connectivity. Hence, Singapore put a temporary pause on constructing a new data center.

The green data center also reduces computing hardware’s environmental impact. Apart from this, they also create data center sustainability. In other words, we can say that sustainability in the environment is one of the speedily increasing technological development because it requires the use of new equipment and technologies in modern data centers.


Every company desires to rank on top. But it only happens when they move towards its transformation. Following the IT technologies and adopting them in their business will achieve success.

The above description clearly shows businesses’ importance in using green data centers. Some companies have started to build sustainable development by finding the inefficiencies in the infrastructure. However, the choice of sustainability and location attributes will also strongly impact over time.

Some famous data center companies, including Apple, have designed 100% sustainable on their data centers over the years. Seagate announced it would power its global footprint with 100% renewable energy by 2030 and achieve net-carbon zero neutrality by 2040.

Green data centers bring changes yearly because they are taking steps toward environmental change. Data Center CEO makes continuous efforts to move towards sustainability. However, they are working continuously and applying various approaches to sustainable development.

For better understanding, we have mentioned the complete details regarding the data center sustainability, which every CEO must follow while constructing the data center in the future. We share this valuable information for those worried about the data center transformation. It’s not a permanent issue. If the company does not invest something in a data center, then it will face losses in modern life.

The data center investor must be patient as the various organization tries to resolve this issue. If you are still worried and have a query about the data center transformation and sustainability development, feel free to contact us and visit our website regularly.

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