Five trends in green data centers technologies to watch by the CEO

Sep 30, 2022 | Efficiency

The creation of green data centers has become mandatory in organizations and industries because of the massive usage of the Internet. The world’s biggest data centers contain tons of IT infrastructure devices. It required more than 100 megawatts of power to operate–this is potentially enough to power 80,000 U.S. homes! (U.S. DOE 2020).

As the world load increases in industries, the companies started thinking about their infrastructure requirements. In 2022, the companies begin to show interest in Data Center Infrastructure Management not because of legacy products but to measure the operations. DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) refers to many different technologies. Adding a green data center to the power supply chain shows that the data center operators want to promote their green agenda. 

Companies with big data centers go through various stages to protect their data center, like massive servers running to prevent downtime. They require cooling systems for the servers to prevent them from overheating, in addition to overall maintenance, electricity charges, and water supply.

For safe and secure data, companies want to buy green data centers. For better efficiency and to achieve the goals, the company’s CEO firstly watches the five notable trends in green data centers. Those who want to run successfully must deploy the following five technologies. 

Importance of Green Data Centers

The green data center is among the most demanding and significant in these challenging times. It is the desire of every CEO to grow and run their business successfully and achieve high fame. They try to invest in their business. Without knowing the trends, the CEO will not be able to understand the latest green data center technologies. For this purpose, we love to share the beneficial trends in green data centers, which will help you to achieve your goal. The green data center is designed to handle cooling and power needs and conserve energy. 

Why We Use Green

Before selecting the green data center, the company’s CEO felt confused because they had to invest a lot in promoting their business. We have enlisted some practical steps that one has to follow to fulfill their goals.

Upgradation of Equipment

Upgrading the old equipment is expensive as their energy will no longer remain efficient while manufacturing. However, such legacy types of equipment will require more efficiency. They repair again and again. The technology is dramatically changing; therefore, legacy infrastructure needs to be upgraded to be energy efficient.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

The organization and agencies have adopted several steps to reduce their energy consumption. The green data center service provider is responsible for renewable energy sources, recycled materials, and the use of reclaimed cooling water.

Use of Technology

It is mandatory to use automation in a data center to improve the efficiency of green data centers and reduce energy consumption. Analyze the data center and monitor its various features like temperature, humidity, and cooling. Using software integration will be an expensive and time-consuming task. However, there are many other benefits, such as improved efficiency, reduced costs, and reduced power consumption.

Trends in Green Data Centers

Thousands of companies have adopted green data centers because it is an alternative solution to consuming energy. Those who select green data centers will benefit greatly as it increases efficiency and reduces energy usage. The trend of making digital and experimental essential will become a way of life for many.These trends have proved how the company adapts and will continue unbeaten in 2022.

We have mentioned the top 5 trends which expect to evolve. The green data center investments help bridge their financing gap and enable energy-efficient emergence. Also, give a friendly environment construction sector. This results in more vibrant and autonomous cities. Able to build greater competition. So, adopting green data centers has many advantages. 

Green data center technology is a trending concept all over the world. Several industries have adopted this technology. Green data centers are constantly evolving with the latest innovations, making vendors need to be updated to changing trends.

Improve Efficiency

One of the famous trends in green data centers is energy efficiency. Without improving energy efficiency, you can’t run the business successfully. So, to improve the economy, it is important to improve the efficiency level. The cost and efficiencies are maximized if data centers’ operations are mixed with a few other business projects.

Cloud Migration

The successful cloud migration process has gone through the following three stages.

Analyze the business and technical issue

the migration process has started with analysis. Also, determine the possibilities, and the main purpose of it is migration. The duration of this stage is one to three months.

The data center provider will also go through the technical analysis. With the help of this, they want to ensure the business that the applications to transfer are not only cloud-ready but optimized for operating in the cloud.

The data center also tries to move towards virtualization and artificial intelligence. 5G is the latest trend in the data center

Analysis of Risk & Migration Project Scope

After establishing the business requirements, the provider will perform the risk analysis task. After this, the process of project management begins. Several questions arrived to mind, like how business occurs during migration. How last does the execute stage of the migration process exist?

Managed service operation

In this stage, the main functionality is maintaining and focusing on the powerful service solution. The support is available 24/7. Additionally, provide an improvement program in progress to simplify the service and improve efficiency continually.


After making their data center efficient and able to migrate cloud computing, companies plan to build modularity in the data center. This is to better the modular approach by adding applications and individual components per the requirement. One amazing benefit of modularity is that they increase flexibility, which helps to better inefficiencies.

Expansion to Indonesia

In this era, the Indonesian data center is considered one of the world’s most primitive data center markets. Indonesia’s green data center market is increasing rapidly, witness to the growing digital economy.

In the entire world, the data centers of Indonesia fastly growing because of Colocation. This is because the increased migration of OTT participants in Indonesia also increased IT spending. However, the deployment in 5g results in the data center industry is predicted to rise exponentially.

Currently, there are 53 colocation data centers in Indonesia, and Google is one of them. Google and Facebook are the tales of two data centers. Approximately 180 million users of the 260 million population use Facebook. It is all because of Google that people are accessing their services in a very smooth way.

Design Integration

The latest innovative technologies in green data centers is also an essential trend in a green data center as they try to improve automation and develop new methods of monitoring power use. All these data center trend factors will play a key role in helping the environment as they lower the emission of GHG and help the data centers run more efficiently.

Continuous Evolution of Regulation and Certification

The fifth trend in a green data center, which every CEO watches, is continuous evolution and certification. In this modern technology era, the IT sector revolution occurs every day. The entire data center companies try their best to continue the evolution of regulation and certification.

For example, one of the companies named Green Grid developed some useful metrics that can help to guide efficiency. They continuously make efficiency for better efficiency and regulation. However, hope took place in their minds on the regulation fronts and certification.

We further explain the importance of regulation with another example. Earlier, the Certified Energy Efficiency Datacenter Award (CEDA) was launched. It is a British Computer Society. The main purpose of this society is to provide the Computer Society LEED-like sustainability for European data centers.

Simultaneously, there is a chance of more development in the field of regulation expected. In this society, the regulation will play an important role because it covers a large area like security, workplace and carbon legislation, and zoning.

Thousand of people are scared of investing in green data centers. While some of them are confident and willing to invest a heavy amount in green data centers


Hence, the discussion mentioned above narrated that for investing a huge amount in a green data center, every CEO must understand and review the latest trends in green data centers. The green center trends indicate that every company is moving speedily toward green infrastructure and adopting renewable energy resources as prices drop. 

Every organization must select the green data center as it is useful for thousands of enterprises and agencies. The new data center hotspots are emerging. Cloud services are also very demanding in data centers. The need for the physical data center is now time by time. Now every company prefers cloud computing.

The invention of green data centers has become an imperative development trend. It caters to the green goals of global environmental protection. The enterprises try their best to save operating costs and reduce energy consumption. It is the main reason for the construction of green data centers.

The trends in green data centers are changing yearly because they are moving towards climate-friendly change. They are traveling fastly towards integration.

However, they are working continuously and applying various approaches to the large system. Thus, we recommend that every CEO follow the top five latest trends of green data centers mentioned above.

Without analyzing these trends, you cannot recognize the data center technologies. Hopefully, as mentioned earlier, you will be satisfied with our discussion and ready to follow it.


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