Building Green Data Center Must Consider These Things

Oct 31, 2022 | Development

Converting the data center into a green data center is not an easy task at all. The green data center is the only viable future for the Industry. Building a green data center will impact the environment and the company’s bottom line. The success of green data centers depends on various IT technologies.

They also use alternative energy and run the appropriate energy audits. The reason behind converting the data center into a green center is that the data center consumes a huge amount of energy.

They wanted to reduce the data center energy cost but failed. However, after examining the success stories of other companies, they understand that they are using green data centers that can reduce energy costs and need minimum energy costs.

Besides these, the companies made huge efforts to gain popularity and achieve their goal. They pay attention to saving energy features, sustainable materials, and other environmental efficiencies. Several companies focus on improving energy use.

Building Green Data Center Must Consider These Things

The vigorous growth of green data made it mandatory for every country to construct green data centers. Also, adopt mobile and cloud computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud migration and virtualization, and edge computing services. The continuous effort to deliver services responsibly and sustainably will ultimately not provide an advantage to the data center market but to its customers. Most importantly, it depends on the environment.

One important thing is that one business has to adopt renewable energy, but only when the prices drop. Those who choose a green data center for their organization will get magical benefits. No matter what the size, to save money and operate more sustainably. So those who want to invest in green data centers will have a golden chance to avail this opportunity. It’s the best way to protect their cooling units.

For building a green data center, the company should know the cost and availability of power. The green data centers used the most advanced tools for improving energy efficiency. These include The Green Grid and the European Code of Conduct for data centers, the work of the Uptime Institute, and a huge range of industry standards and certifications resulting in energy-efficient data center operations.

Effective Construction Goals

DC plays an important role to go-green and making energy efficient. While constructing the green data center, the build will determine the construction scale, site selection, phase planning, and, most importantly, focus on power usage effectiveness (PUE). PUE is the most important term as it measures energy efficiency.

A lower Power Usage Effectiveness will generally indicate higher energy efficiency. The PUE value is tied to construction scale, usability, power density, and of course, the natural climate of the local area. However, the best factor which relies on construction is site selection. The construction agent first finds the cold site where the weather will remain out over a long period. The choice of the site must also consider cleanliness, acidity, local humidity, and other factors to avoid additional energy consumption by filtration and humidification.

These green data centers’ success depends on their latency instead of bigger rivals. It will also hinge on extra fast and reliable data connections between several provincial cities and can lessen the need to construct plenty of new green data centers to meet the growing data center demand.

Steps to Build Green Data Center

Companies and agencies can successfully build and implement green data center initiatives that maximize their energy efficiency by following the below-mentioned steps.

Designing and Planning

The first important thing for building a green data center is its design and planning. We have to find the capacity and design that make the data center more efficient. The main principle of data center design is flexibility and scalability, which involve site location, building selection, floor layout, electrical system design, mechanical design, and modularity.

We can only build the data center in that location where the IT infrastructure is ready. We can’t construct a data center on the road or at that place where the gas supply rate is zero.

Conduct Baseline for Energy Audit

Beginning of every green data center starts with a baseline audit. This baseline energy audit will provide a real-time assessment of usage and efficiency. The green data center contains many interconnected systems; it is difficult to drill down into individual plans to pinpoint where inefficiencies arrive within the infrastructure. From there, the energy audit assesses the effect of these inefficiencies on total usage and outlines a tangible and trackable remediation plan.

Select Friendly Materials

Many factors have negatively impacted building green data centers as they reduce energy and smaller carbon footprint, waste recycling, alternative energy sources for power and cooling, and low-emission material. The few changes, like the upgradation of air compressors, shutting down dormant servers, paper shredding, and transitioning to LED lighting, will show a big impact over time.

After examining these, the organization further moved to build green data centers which locally used renewable resources and found naturally cool locations to take advantage of free cooling. By using these latest techniques, there might be chances that it collectively will save 620B kWh between 2010 and 2020.

Reduce Power Usage

Reducing power usage is one of the most difficult tasks in the green data center. For this purpose, the large amount of energy required for running the IT types of equipment. Also, 60% of the power will consume by the servers. To reduce this energy drain, the data center managers focus on consolidating and virtualizing workloads, eliminating dormant powered servers, and replacing old servers with newer models.

Optimize Green Data Center Cooling

Building green data centers in cold areas will need significant data center cooling. The data center facility managers implement this effect by installing outside air economizers. By installing this, they can draw air from the natural environment instead of a power source for cooling. Once we optimize the air-conditioner through this alternating cooling source by adjusting the speed, we can significantly impact power use.


The data center, which is prefabricated, will accelerate the speed of business by delivering modular packages for data center facility managers. This targets specific parameters, including performance, deployment speed, reliability, and cost reduction. This approach might increase predictability and reduce the building process’s organizational disruption. The reason behind this is that the majority of data centers build in factories instead of the field. Therefore, they use modular data centers, which remodel the shipping containers by providing flexibility to the organizations.

The latest IT technologies enhance the beauty and effectiveness of green data centers. Undoubtedly, green data centers work efficiently in all various sectors and organizations. But, green data centers must focus on and reduce their carbon footprint. By doing this, they become environmentally sustainable. The three typical areas in the green data center need to improve, which not only develop but also reduces the cost for the supplier and the user. We assure you that these three unique ingredients will make the green data center perfect and more efficient than before.

1-Power Usage

2- Suitable Cooling Schemes

3-Improve Energy Efficiency

The data center market is significantly increasing rapidly all over the world. The most famous market is Indonesian. Its growth rate is best compared to others. Undoubtedly, other countries are working hard to adopt green data center strategies. The top leading social media app, Facebook, leads at the top among the famous data centers. They maintain approximately 19 data center campuses worldwide. The social media giant owns 40 million square feet of real estate, which cost more than $20 billion.


Before making green data centers, every company does its competitive analysis. Completely analyze its growth rate on the market. Find the positive aspects of the green data center. If a green data center builds an excellent reputation among prominent organizations, other companies will develop their own green data center.

Building a green data center starts with a complete plan. Firstly they point out and find the inefficiencies in the infrastructure. After this, they use the various choices around green-friendly materials and select the location attributes to impact significantly over time. Also, give priority to the reduction of data center power usage.

Apply modular prefabricated solutions which create efficiencies built in and can download with minimal disruption. Following the five steps above, data center facility managers can significantly decrease environmental impact and lower power costs.

The importance of green data centers is increasing day by day. Through the discussion mentioned above, we try our best to share the possible step for building a green data center. A successful business will depend on these factors.

Hopefully, the discussion above will prepare your mind to build a green data center with proper planning. The coming future is green. Every corporation must select a green data center as it benefits thousands of enterprises and agencies. Green data centers have some amazing tools that greatly improve energy efficiency. We share valuable information regarding green data centers. You will be satisfied with our discussion and ready to follow it. For more updates regarding the data center, visit our website and learn about data centers.

Every organization must select the data center as it is helpful for thousands of enterprises and agencies. We also proved that Green data center cooling is a good process and data center eco-friendly also exists. So, go and read the detailed information regarding green data centers. Read the steps mentioned above for getting success in the business.

We share the good stage which everyone has to follow to obtain success. If you still have any queries in your mind, feel free to contact us.

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